Getting to Darren & Shamakia

DSW Photography  M Harris Studios Brandi


Hey Future Brides and Grooms!

I wanted to personally introduce myself to you. As mention before, I'm a mom and wife but I LOVE my passion photographing couples. My JOY is telling the couple's story and also providing tips and advice to a healthy marriage during your journey to the aisle. 

I love setting the romantic scene and documenting you both in your most loving moments. I assist and coordinate your looks for your engagement sessions. 

More personal about me:

During my years in  in corporate America I found myself unhappy with not fulfilling my craft. I wanted to express my creativity on camera and allow to display love amongst couples, family, and love ones. Once, I realize how much joy photography brought me, I decided to walk away from my day job and pursue my passion in portrait and wedding photography. 

DSW Photography  M Harris Studios Brandi


Greeting ALL!

I wanted to personally introduce myself. I'm a proud father of four beautiful girls and a husband to my wife of ten years. Photography is my passion I mean it has become apart of my daily life and I have no complaints! Doing something I love for a living has been a blessing and my most loved genre of photography would be weddings and engagements. I see it as an honor for a couple to bring you in on one of the most treasured moments of their lives, trusting you to document that moment.


As beautifully as it once existed, that is a responsibility that I do not take lightly. From our first point of contact, until you're journey down the aisle we insure we know exactly what our brides and grooms want and expect from our services.


Here's a fun fact about us. If you haven't already figured it out already DSW PHOTOGRAPHY stands for Darren & Shamakia Williams photography!

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